How to Choose Your Chair, Adjust It, Care for It and More

Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf nearly 30 years ago, the Aeron Chair revolutionised office seating upon its launch in 1994. Chadwick and Stumpf were pioneers of ergonomics and material innovation: They didn’t rely on the ubiquitous foam and fabric materials common to the office furniture industry at the time. Instead, they developed breathable 8Z Pellicle® fabric and conducted extensive research to create a human-centered design on the cutting edge of technology.

In 2016, the Classic Aeron was remastered by Don Chadwick and in 2021, the Herman Miller® Aeron was made more sustainable with the inclusion of ocean-bound plastic. Since its inception, Aeron’s legacy of sustainability and innovation has continued to modernise the office landscape – and the Aeron office chair remains a benchmark for ergonomic seating.

How to Adjust Your Aeron Chair

Wondering “How do I use my Herman Miller Aeron?” Follow these steps to adjust your Aeron for the most comfortable sit.

Seat Height
A paddle-shaped lever on the right side of the chair adjusts the seat height. To raise the seat, take your weight off the chair and lift the lever up. To lower the seat, lift the lever up while seated with your weight on the chair. Ensure your feet rest flat on the floor to maintain a healthy posture.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
An adjustable strap on the back of the chair controls the height of the Aeron lumbar support pad, which should be positioned to comfortably support the natural curve of your spine. Using equal pressure on each end of the support, raise or lower it to the desired position within the adjustment track.

Adjustable PostureFit SL
A knob on the back of the chair controls the PostureFit SL feature. To engage PostureFit SL, sit with your back against the seat-back, then reach behind the chair and turn the knob forward until you find the support that feels right for you (it should support the natural alignment of your spine and provide lower back comfort). To disengage PostureFit SL, turn the knob backward while seated.

Tilt Tension
All Aeron chairs feature a long stem with a knob – on the right side of the chair, below the seat – that controls the tilt tension, or the amount of resistance you feel when leaning back. To increase tension (i.e, feel more resistance when leaning back), turn the knob forward while seated. To decrease tension, turn the knob backward.

Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle
If you’ve opted for the Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle feature, you’ll find two knobs on the left side of the chair, below the seat. The inside knob can be rotated forward to limit the tilt range or backward to release the tilt limiter. When you want to sit in an upright or partially reclined position, the tilt limiter should be engaged.
The outer of the two knobs controls forward tilt. To move the seat from a horizontal position to a 5-degree Forward Tilt, lean back and rotate the knob forward. To resume a horizontal position, lean back and rotate the knob back all the way.

A lever on the base of the arm support adjusts the arm height. Lift the lever to unlock it, then grasp the base of the arm support and raise or lower it to your desired height. Finally, lower the lever to lock the arm in place.
To adjust the arm angle, grasp the front end of the armpad and pivot it to the left or right. To adjust the arm depth, grasp the front end of the armpad and slide it forward or back.